SERVICES - Serving Sherwood Park area only

I work according to your schedule.  To begin things off I will arrange to  meet with you and your pets.  This allows all of us to get acquainted  and discuss your pets' needs.  A plan will then be developed and I'm  very accommodating if any times need to be altered. 

If you are going on vacation and your pets need multiple visits per day I  am more than happy to be there.  If you are away from home for a period  of time and you animal needs a bathroom break and/or a walk I am more  than happy to do that, too.  If you are away and your cat's litter box  required attention I am more than happy to do that, too.  I will give  you the peace of mind that your pet will be taken care of.  You won't  need to rush home at lunch or on a break from work.  You won't need  to ask a relative or neighbor to stop by.  Each visit will consist of a  bathroom break and/or a walk and playtime.  I will ensure there is fresh  water.  Depending on their feeding schedules I will top up their food  dishes.

Dog Services -walks/visit (approx. 20 min.) $15.00

For  the dog owner that works long hours, this service includes a walk or  let-out for one dog, feeding, change of water and lots of TLC for your  dog.  If you have more than one dog or you wish a longer visit, the fee  is $20.00 (approx. 30 min).

Cat Services - visit (approx. 20 min.) $15.00

A visit  includes giving fresh food and water.  The litter box will be cleaned  and lots of TLC for you cats.  Please note that multi-cat homes must  have at least 2 litter boxes. 

Additional Services

A  home security check will consist of a walk around of the exterior of  the house, collection of newspapers, adjusting of lights and watering of  indoor/outdoor plants.  While you are away, this will maintain a home's  occupied appearance. 

Pet Taxi - $20.00 each way

If your pet needs transportation to and/or from the vet.

Client Same day Discount Available

$5.00 fee discount  - If more than one visit is required in the same day, the additional  daily visits will be reduced by $5.00. Does not apply to acreages.

Service Agreement

All clients are required to sign a service agreement.  Click below to view copy of agreement.