My  name is Ginine Harvey and I have lived in Sherwood Park since 1996.  I  have had pets all my life and have experience in caring for dogs and  cats of all ages.  I have had a lifetime of love for all animals.  My  love began as a young child.  As I became an adult and had my own pets  is when my love for pets truly blossomed.  I currently have a West  Highland Terrier named Bitsy.  I also have 2 tabby cats named Scooter  and Squirt.  I adopted them from SCARS (Second Chance Animal Rescue  Society).  I absolutely love sharing my life with animals.  I've always  felt an unconditional and natural connection with them.  As pet owners  we want our pets to be as comfortable as possible.  We like them to have  a familiar environment and ensure their routines are kept as normal as  possible.  Any changes in their routines can potentially cause stress to  our furry friends.  They require exercise and interaction with people  and other animals, of course as permitted by you.  This will ensure your  pets are given the individual care they need.